Circle of Excellence

The Circle of Excellence is an award reserved for the highest achievers within our organization and serves as a barometer of WIFS’ success as it continues to advance and support women in the financial services industry.

How Do I Apply?

Applications and supporting income verification documents are accepted until July 31. The qualifying level is determined via personal income documentation. Personal tax forms (1040, 1099, 1120, Schedule C or W2), with identifying information such as name and home address blacked out, must be submitted via mail, fax, or e-mail. Please note that letters from accountants, extensions/incomplete filings, other documentation, late or incomplete applications cannot be considered.

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Qualification Documentation

Qualification for Circle of Excellence is based on personal income. All Circle of Excellence registrants MUST be current members and provide proof of the previous year's income. Personal tax forms (IRS forms 1040, 1099, 1120, Schedule C or W2) are the only acceptable forms of income verification. Written letters from accountants, K1 forms, business income or similar forms cannot be accepted. Protect your privacy: Sensitive data such as Social Security numbers and home addresses should be blacked out.

3 Ways to Qualify: Published, Unpublished or Anonymous

  • Published: Qualifiers receive a glass award. Your name and qualifying level WILL BE celebrated and recognized on the WIFS website, in programs, brochures, announcements, press releases, conference signage and name badge ribbons.
  • Unpublished: Qualifiers receive a glass award. Your name and qualifying level will be private and WILL NOT BE publicly celebrated or recognized in any WIFS communication.
  • Anonymous: Qualifier identity is completely unknown. You WILL NOT receive an award or any recognition. Your chapter will receive credit for your participation and your total income will be included in the tabulation of the total reported income for all Circle of Excellence Program qualifiers.

Award Levels (based on prior year's income)

Level Prior Year Income
Tanzanite $2,000,000+
Diamond $1,000,000+
Emerald $750,000 - $999,000
Sapphire $500,000 - $749,000
Ruby $250,00 - $499,000
Pearl $125,00 - $249,000
Topaz $75,000 - $124,000

Congratulations to our 2023 Circle of Excellence Award Recipients


Ellie Mills, Karen Poore


Christina Nash, Lisa Boyer, Tara Garvin Clark


Kelly Hoff, Susan Combs


Christy Aleckson, Ellen Donahue,Karen Roberts, Lucila Williams, Sheri Hoble


Alanah Phillips, Alyson Burkett, Amber Stitt, Anne Clayton, Bryon Holz, Carri Berger, Christine Jensen, Cristina Mills, Danielle Lucht, Jessica Hughes, Kathleen Owings, Kay Carreon, Kim Flabo, Laura Davis, Laurie Dubow, Manda Lewis, Mindy Helfrich, Richelle Hopkins, Sheila Stith, Susan Ellis, Yuka Nakahara-Gaven


Allison Kaczmar, Angela Ribuffo, Avigail Curry, Betty W. Lee, Cheryl Canzanella, Darlene Hanes, Grace Staten, Irene Barish, Ivonne Crespi, Jessica Porter, Kate Beck, Lesley Batson, Linda Grizely, Lori Niermann, Maricarmen Maisonet Gonzalez, Melissa Robinson, Nicole Loughlin, Samantha Beauvais, Wanda Caffrey, Yazmin Irizarry


Amanda Tetzlaff, Amy Welch, Carol E. Brian, Danielle Diaz, Garbielle Zenner, Ginny Fallon, Jeanie Boymel, Jennifer Hensley, Jill Arnold, Rolsalyn Seda Perez, Stacey Zambory, Yanira Hoyos