About WIFS

About WIFS
Founded in 1936, Women in Insurance and Financial Services (WIFS) is an association of financial services professionals working together to Attract, Develop and Advance women in an underrepresented profession. We are a financial services organization providing programming designed for women, by women.

WIFS Mission

WIFS is devoted to advancing career opportunities, providing professional development and representing women's interests in this industry. Through attraction, retention, and a unique focus on mentoring and networking, WIFS empowers women in the finance and insurance professions to succeed.

Our Vision
WIFS aspires to become the global change leader inspiring women to achieve their dreams.


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WIFS members know there's a difference between hiring women and positioning them for success.

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WIFS is the leading resource for peer support and guidance, mentoring, education and shared wisdom.

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Join an organization that prides itself on creating collaborative environments, promoting teamwork, and providing feedback and insights

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WIFS monthly webinars provide education, support. professional development and peer-to-peer connections

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Membership includes industry leaders, client-facing and allied professionals who benefit from national and local chapter services.

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Over three-quarters of WIFS members have 10+ years of business experience and earn Six-figure salaries.

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WIFS' regional Chapters are a driving engine of our association with 22 active Chapters and 10 Aspiring Chapters

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You wouldn't think twice about investing in office equipment crucial to growing and managing your business!

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