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               West Florida

     Melissa Robinson
     Acting Chapter President
               Melissa Robinson, Acting Chapter President 
     Allie Sylvester
               Phone Number:
     Crystal Sudbury

About the Chapter

WIFS West Florida was launched in 2022, after a 2 year delay as a result of COVID. WIFS West Florida became one of the fastest groups to move from an aspiring chapter to an official chapter, within 3 months. WIFS West Florida is an association of financial services professionals, including women in all fields that impact or touch money (financial professionals, financial planners, insurance agents, bankers, CPA’s, mortgage brokers, attorneys, etc.), working together to Attract, Develop and Advance Women. We are an organization providing networking, education, and support for women by empowered women.

Chapter Mission Statement

WIFS West Florida is devoted to advancing career opportunities, providing professional development and representing women's interests in this industry. Through attraction, retention, and a unique focus on mentoring, networking, and collaboration (not competition), WIFS West Florida empowers women in finance, insurance, banking, tax preparation, mortgage lending, and legal professions to succeed.

Dues Fees

WIFS National Annual Dues: $310
West Florida Chapter Annual Dues: $45

How to Join

If you are a current WIFS member, please contact WIFS National to join the West Florida Chapter. If you are new to WIFS, click here to complete the member application and select West Florida as your chosen Chapter.

Upcoming Chapter Events

 Annual Spring Gala Every March