Situational Social Security and the Divorced Spouse

We emphasize Situational Social Security in the National Social Security Advisor Certificate (NSSA®) education program, as all your clients are unique. Your clients may be single, married with wide age differences, married with narrow age differences, divorced, surviving spouses, eligible to file a Restricted Application, public employees, etc.

Advisors (you) must understand the issues and questions that relate to every unique client. You are your clients' trusted advisor and must understand Social Security.

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Have You Filed Yet? (Part 2) Tax Tips for October 2022

It’s October! This is for many tax return preparers a second filing season, given the large percentage of taxpayers who file extensions in April. IRS reports approximately 10 percent of all filers request a six-month extension until October, and most of those tax returns tend to be the most complex. This is not surprising, considering most taxpayers who are W-2 wage earners would tend to file their tax returns early, especially if a refund is expected.

My last post, in April, focused on timely filing and payment. It bears repeating that the penalty for late filing is substantially more punitive than the penalty for not paying on time. For this reason, even if full payment is not possible, it makes good financial sense to file by the due date, whether in April or extended to October, and pay as much as possible if there is a balance due. Effective October 1, 2022, the interest rate for noncorporate taxpayers increased to 6 percent, compounded daily (federal short-term rate plus 3 percent). It doesn’t take a calculator to see that unpaid tax balances can increase in a hurry.

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Big News About the LeadHER Blog: You've Got Mail

WIFS members can now receive email notifications when a new article is posted to the blog.

 The informative and valuable content posted here by our members, friends and partners will now come directly to your inbox.

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Handling Challenging Situations and Challenging People

“Dorice, how can we handle challenging situations, and challenging people?” Who does not want to know the answer to this question -- NO ONE.

That was a question I was asked as I led a group of 14 leaders from Hewlett-Packard. More than 900 participants from HP chose to engage in the very first Positive Intelligence training cohort the company offered in the summer of 2022. What a gift HP provided its employees: the gift of mental fitness! A time dedicated to self-development and fostering awareness to improve what is known as “soft skills,” regarding them -- rightly so -- as necessary for the success of individuals, their satisfaction with their work and ultimately the advancement of the company’s goals. I was one of five coaches selected by the Positive Intelligence company to facilitate the leaders’ conversations.

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Navigating the Financial Labyrinth of Divorce

Divorce can be an emotionally debilitating for a woman. As she struggles with such a major change in her life, it may soon become clear that her financial future is yet another realm of this transition. While she realizes that the choices, she makes may be life altering for herself and her family, she also may be confronted by the reality that she is unprepared to understand or deal with the complexities of her financial situation and how it will impact, perhaps even determine, her future.

I understand that women facing divorce are at a crossroads of their lives. They’re afraid, confused and are often plagued by self-doubt knowing that they are not prepared to make smart, definitive decisions. Imagining their life as it unfolds means they need guidance and support based on experience and compassion. I know exactly how they feel because I am one of the millions of women who have gone through a divorce.

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Speaking Up: Betty Lee

Every time Betty Lee does something fearless, she gets a knot in her throat. She knows there’s risk. But she also knows life isn’t forever — that it’s better to do something you love, being somewhere you can make a difference.

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Should You Be Considering a Special Needs Trust?

Parents of a child with special needs know that when it comes to their day-to-day activities, nothing comes easy. Caring for a child with a disability can add complexity to even the most simplistic everyday tasks that are often taken for granted. Tasks such as feeding, grooming, toileting and bedtime routines can be extremely challenging and time consuming. Late nights and early mornings are typical. If your child suffers from a potentially lifelong disability, that means not only do they need help today, but they will potentially need ongoing assistance with these activities for life. Parents like to think that they will be able to help their children forever, but in reality that’s just not the case.

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Aging Myths: Five Common Misperceptions You May Have Thought Were True

We've all heard the phrase, "perception is reality." Nowhere does this hold more true than for some people's perceptions of aging, what it means to grow "old" and how older age affects them. This is true even for some adults who buy into their own ageism. With the invention of the Internet and the rise of social media, perceptions or "myths" about aging are more stubbornly persistent than factual knowledge based in reality.

The aging process is not a linear, downhill path. There are many positive aspects of aging! Evidence-based scientific research has proven time after time that hard work, effort, determination, and some genetics along with maintaining good physical and mental health and adopting or continuing healthy habits and lifestyle choices you can flourish into old age. Grandma Moses didn't start painting until she was 78. Below are five common misperceptions about aging. It's time to set the record straight!

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Nonprofit Leaders Apply Here

Job description:

  • Must be willing to work in a state of ambiguity at all times.
  • We are looking for someone with excellent interpersonal skills, a great communicator with clear goals and objectives. This person must have stellar organization skills and is willing to dedicate 6-12 hours per month to the job at minimum.
  • We are looking for a candidate who is a self-starter, who is charismatic and someone who can help boost morale during difficult times.
  • This leader need not have any previous leadership experience.
  • The ideal candidate will possess excellent problem-solving skills, work within a lean operating budget while maximizing all available volunteer resources.
  • They must strategize at all times and cannot be afraid to delegate tasks with a mindset and understanding that these tasks may not get done.
  • They should be willing to work beyond the 6-12 per month commitment to cover any unmet needs or collectively pivot the plan of action, with the group's approval, to suit the broader goals of the organization.

Did we mention that this is not a paid position and your term may expire at any time? Wonder why we are not attracting more people to leadership roles?

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Wisdom to Better Serve the Spanish-Speaking Market

Originally Published in The Brief, April 2022

Think about the businesses you’re loyal to. It’s likely because they cater to you. They offer things that make it easier for you.

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