Celebrate Galentine’s Day at the Workplace…Fun and Inclusive Ideas for All

Galentine’s Day, traditionally observed on February 13th is a day dedicated to celebrating the bond between female friends. While it’s typically associated with informal gatherings among girlfriends, it’s also a perfect opportunity to foster camaraderie, encourage support, strengthen connections, and cultivate friendship among colleagues. Here are some creative and empowering Galentine’s Day event ideas for the workplace:

Lunch Potluck with a Twist: Encourage colleagues to bring their favorite dish to share with the team. To make it more exciting, organize a “recipe swap” where employees can exchange their recipes along with a short story about why it’s their favorite. This not only builds a sense of community but also opens the door for interesting conversations.

Galentine’s Day Games: Organize games or activities that encourage teamwork and bonding, such as trivia games with questions related to female empowerment or pop culture. Playing ice breaker games can also help colleagues get to know each other better.

Galentine’s Day Awards Ceremony: Create a lighthearted awards ceremony to recognize and appreciate the unique qualities and talents of female colleagues. Categories can include, “Best Team Player”, “Most Supportive Colleague”, or “Rising Star”. Acknowledging these qualities fosters a positive and encouraging work culture.

Powerful Panel Discussion: Invite inspirational women to participate in a panel discussion. Topics can range from personal success stories to overcoming challenges in the workplace. Ensure there’s time for a Q&A session, allowing employees to engage with speakers and learn from their experiences.

Workplace Wellness Workshop: Promote self-care and wellbeing with a wellness workshop. Activities such as meditation, yoga, or stress relief exercises can be organized during break times. Consider bringing in a wellness expert or inviting a colleague with expertise in a particular wellness practice to lead the session.

Crafting and Creativity Session: Tap into the artistic side of your team by organizing a crafting session. Provide materials for making Galentine’s Day cards, friendship bracelets, or even a collaborative mural. This not only allows employees to express their creativity but also serves as a memento of the day.

Book Club Gathering: Encourage a sense of unity through a workplace book club. Choose a book that celebrates female friendships or highlights the achievements of women in various fields. Schedule regular meetings to discuss the book and share thoughts, fostering intellectual conversations among colleagues.

Professional Development Workshop: Empower women in the workplace by organizing a professional development workshop. This can include sessions on educational content, leadership development, or mentorship programs. Connect employees with successful female mentors within or outside the organization to encourage career growth.

Virtual Movie Night: For remote or hybrid workplaces, organize a virtual movie night featuring films that celebrate female friendships. Use video conferencing platforms to watch together and encourage team members to share their favorite moments or quotes from the movies.

Charity Drive or Volunteer Activity: Organize a charitable event or volunteer activity that supports a cause related to women’s empowerment. This can be a meaningful way to celebrate while making a positive impact in the community.

Embracing Galentine’s Day at the office can contribute to a positive and inclusive work environment that presents a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the strength and resilience of women in the workplace. Taking the time to recognize and appreciate the diverse talents and experiences of women within an organization contributes to building a stronger, more cohesive team. Remember to be mindful of inclusivity and ensure that the activities are enjoyable for everyone. Adjust the ideas based on the preferences and culture of your workplace.

Kari Ellis

Nothern California Chapter

Waypoint Consulting Partners

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