Focus on the Gain

Success is frequently misconceived as a straight line to an end result that everyone agrees upon. In reality, defining it can be a complex equation that is highly subjective. With a learning mindset, so much valuable growth can occur while traversing those twists and turns. As an achiever, the tendency is to seek out that next specific accomplishment as the defining memento of success. The challenge here is that so many final outcomes are simply out of my control. 

I recently finished "The Gap and the Gain" by Dan Sullivan and Dr. Benjamin Hardy, and it's paradigm-shifting. The concept is to measure backward to reflect on where you started and how far you've progressed. Ideals are effective motivators to drive us forward, and they can likewise be the weights that pull us down from a level of happiness that yes, we CAN and should enjoy. We grow, achieve, promote, etc., at different rates. It's empowering to know that at every given moment, we can choose to honor the successes that we've already earned and that are unique to each of us. Thought for the day: focus on the gain (measure backward) and not the gap. #empowered #personaldevelopment #thegain #driven #foodforthought #tangiblesuccess

Originally posted on WIFS website August 16, 2023
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