Obstacle is the Way

While reading The Obstacle is the Way by Ryan Holiday on a flight this morning, I was struck by this profound quote: "The path of least resistance is a terrible teacher." Think about that one for a moment. It's easy to believe that discomfort=wrong direction.

Can that sometimes apply? Of course. But if we live our lives fighting all discomfort and hiding behind a mantra that success and achievement should be painless, then we really can't expect to make substantial leaps forward.

Meaningful progress typically bears some level of discomfort - -whether actual or perceived. We become physically stronger by increasing our weights and reps.

How can we expect to become emotionally and mentally stronger without challenging limiting beliefs and stepping outside our comfort zones? How do we increase our impact without setting stretch goals that necessitate expanding our skillsets? Simple truth: We won't. Let's instead be prepared to envision the beauty of the progress that exists on the other side of temporary discomfort.

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Originally posted on WIFS website August 11, 2023

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