WIFS Chapter: Anchorage, Alaska

Chapter at a Glance

               Cities/States Included:      Chapter Leadership 
               Anchorage, Alaska      Susan Ellis
     Chapter President
               Susan Ellis, Chapter President
     Laura Davis

               Phone Number:

     Meghen Anderson     

About the Chapter

The Alaska Chapter covers all of the state and meets monthly in Anchorage. We host an annual WIFS retreat in August. We are one of the founding chapters of the WIFS organization and welcome women in the Financial Services/Insurance industry looking for mentorship, professional development and comradery

Chapter Mission Statement

Attracting and Inspiring women in the Financial Services and Insurance industry to achieve their goals, advance their careers and make a difference in the lives of their clients and their peers.

Dues Fees

WIFS National Annual Dues: $310
Anchorage, Alaska Chapter Annual Dues: $25

How to Join

If you are a current WIFS member, please contact Susan Ellis or Laura Davis to join the Anchorage, Alaska Chapter. You can also contact WIFS National. If you are new to WIFS, click here to complete the member application and select Anchorage, Alaska as your chosen Chapter.

Upcoming Chapter Events

August 8-11, 2024
Retreat in Big Lake, AK