2024 National Conference Main Stage Speakers

WIFS is proud to present the dynamic lineup of main stage speakers for our 2024 National Conference. Meet some of our powerful main stage speakers!

Elyse Archer, She Sells

Meet the Million Dollar You

Everyone has a Million Dollar version of themselves Iying latent inside, waiting to be unleashed.
Yet many financial professionals get stuck at the six or multi six figure mark because it’s comfortable. They never expand their vision to what life would be like if they broke 7 figures or beyond.
In this mind-expanding keynote, Elyse Archer will challenge you to think bigger, and share exactly what she did to scale from six to seven figures in less than a year, all while dealing with major limiting beliefs and self doubt.

Leaving this keynote you will:

  • Understand the 4 Quadrants of Quantum Sales Growth™
  • Learn how to Step into the Identity of a 7 Figure+ Earner, now
  • Learn how to dramatically increase your sales results without working harder or more hours


Kellan Brown, FinServ Foundation and Kate Healy, AdvoKate IQ 

Walk over Talk - What Can We Do to Impact the Next Generation of Women Leaders in Financial Services

What does change really mean when it comes to women in finance?  When asked the question - what does women in finance mean to you - what emotion comes to light?  Join industry experts, Kate Healy and Kellan Brown on what is unique about the next generation of women leaders and what actions we can take to provide impact and growth for women in Financial Services.

What you'll take away from this session:

  • - From 2010 to now, what growth has actually happened and why haven't we seen more of it
  • - The importance of mentorship and allyship pre-career, mid-career, and post-career
  • - How the FinServ foundation prepares women and financial planning students for the industry but then what
  • - How can YOU be a part of the change

Tanya Geisler, Certified Leadership Coach & TedxWomen Speaker

Becoming ICONIC: From Imposter Complex to Leadership Edge

Join Leadership Coach and Speaker Tanya Geisler in this transformative session where you'll learn to overcome the Imposter Complex and embrace your ICONIC identity. Tanya will guide you through the powerful ICONIC Framework, sharing stories and practical strategies to help you unlock your unique leadership potential.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Unpack the Imposter Complex: Understand the twelve lies that hold you back and how they manifest.
  • Embrace the ICONIC Framework: Dive into actionable steps to shift from self-doubt to confidence.
  • Real-Life Inspiration: Hear inspiring stories of trailblazers  who have successfully navigated this journey.
  • Practical Tools: Gain strategies to optimize your strengths and leverage your leadership edge.

Eszylfie Taylor, Taylor Method

Mind Body Money - Implementing the Total Person Philosophy to Success

Total Person is a Mind, Body, Money presentation that helps you prioritize health just as much as wealth. When you feel better, and have your mind and body in a good state, it creates a positive impact in your life and business. The Total Person presentation uses stories and real life examples to illustrate how success in business or life starts with taking care of your mind and body.

The audience will be inspired and motivated to look at themselves as a whole and be more positive and health conscience. It will translate over to their productivity and general well-being in business and life.

The Total Person Philosophy will help you shift your perception to that of a positive outlook, which serves as the catalyst for success in business and life.